WRAS will be hosting it's first match of the year on MAY 13th at the Edson Fish And Game's Longest Mile Range! 

The match is intended to be in the format of the new PRS Gas Gun Series. If the match does not fill up we will be running both a traditional bolt gun style PRS match and a gas gun match.

There are 3 divisions in the gas gun series, tactical lite, tactical heavy and open. Division rules are listed on the Precision Rifle Series webpage. As we anticipate most shooting the gas gun series to be using .223/5.56, the match will likely be out to a maximum of 500 meters in the tactical light division. If we shoot a mixed bolt gun/gas gun the open and tactical heavy shooters will shoot the same COF as the bolt gun competitors.

Your optics need to have a Ballistic drop reticle or some form of external adjustment to compensate for bullet drop, this is a PRS safety rule to avoid ground strikes. A pistol and secure holster will also be required for this match for both gas gun and potential bolt gun competitors.

Space will be limited for this match and preregistration will be required.
If you have questions please feel free to send us an email.